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Traffic Procedures

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To insure the safety of SLE students and parent drivers, it is critical that you follow these procedures both during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up:


  • Do not leave your car, even for one minute. Instruct your child to be ready to exit or enter your car. If a volunteer valet is present he or she will help your child with backpacks, instruments, or other belongings.
  • Children should exit only at the curb side of the car. Do not drop off or pick up from the outer lane or in the parking lot before parking your car — this is very dangerous.
  • Drive as far forward as you can before stopping, even if you see no one behind you. Do not cut in line. 
  • Drive slowly (5mph) and cautiously while in the parking lot. NEVER BACK UP ALONG THE CURB. There may be children behind your car. 
  • Do not park or stop along the red curb in front of the cafeteria. This area is for buses or emergency vehicles only.
  • Please be courteous to our traffic volunteers. They are there to keep everyone safe.