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Guidelines for Recess and Dress

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  1. Fighting is never allowed.
  2. No tackle football, wrestling, rough play or tag.
  3. Throwing of rocks, tan bark, sand or any other substance deemed dangerous is not allowed.
  4. No hard balls or semi-hard balls may be used at school at any time.
  5. Students must ask permission to get any ball leaving the play area.
  6. Climbing or swinging from trees is not allowed.
  7. Skates, radios, video games, toys, cards or dangerous implements that would be hazardous or inappropriate to the educational environment will not be brought to school unless prior approval is obtained.
  8. Equipment taken out of the classroom by a student during recess must be shared.  The person taking out the equipment is responsible for bringing it back.
  9. Students must have a pass from a teacher to use the phone at any time.  Students must have a pass to come to the office.  During recess there is to be absolutely no loitering in the halls, office, bathrooms or other unsupervised areas.
  10. All playground activities need to stop when the bell rings.  Students must freeze until a yard supervisor blows a whistle.  Students need to walk to their lines.
  11. All students must walk in the hallways.

At times, children may need to be reminded to dress appropriately for daily attendance at school. Although the type and style of clothing and hair-do are individual and personal, we are concerned when clothes or hair cause distraction or are unsafe. SHOES SHOULD BE APPROPRIATE FOR ACTIVE RECESS AND P.E. ACTIVITIES. Sandals/flip flops are not allowed for P.E. Students may need to be asked to sit out of activities if their shoes are dangerous. Non-participation could affect the grade for P.E.

Please allow for weather changes and see that sweaters and coats are sent during cooler weather. In warmer weather, beachwear (such as short shorts or halters) is considered inappropriate. We also request that T-shirts with inappropriate pictures or slogans not be worn to school.

  1. Student appearance at school should be appropriate.. Clothes must be conservative, clean, in good repair, and the proper size. 
  2. Tops, blouses, shirts & sweaters must cover torso/underwear. Spaghetti straps are not allowed. Shirts with large, armholes/low-cut necklines need another shirt worn underneath. 
  3. Shorts should not be “short-shorts.” Pants may not “sag” (no underwear may show). 
  4. No T-Shirts with obscene words, alcohol/tobacco ads, questionable logos, suggestive art work or racially offensive words/symbols. 
  5. Appropriate shoes for play must be worn at all times. Shoes must be laced or fastened. Sandals without a back, flip flops and platform shoes are discouraged because of inadequate support for recess and Physical Education activities. Students must wear shoes at all times. No bare feet allowed on campus. This means before and after school. 
  6. Students are not allowed to wear make-up (including lip gloss) or tattoos (including fake tattoos), or display body piercing (except earrings). 
  7. Hats are not to be worn inside classrooms, library, M.P.R., office, etc.