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Emergency Procedures

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Before an Emergency

  • Choose Emergency Contacts: Make sure that your school forms indicate anyone you want to be able to pick up your child in an emergency (friends, family, neighbors, etc.). No one, not even a relative or a babysitter, will be allowed to pick-up your child unless they are listed on the student’s white emergency card. Ensure that this person is likely to be local… write down both spouses if you choose a couple
  • Inform Emergency Contacts: Make sure that you inform these contacts that they are authorized to pick up your child
  • Special Medical Conditions: If your child has any special medical conditions, get a Medic Alert bracelet for them to wear at ALL times:http://www.medicalert.org
  • Phone Numbers with Child: Ensure that your child has your family’s emergency numbers in their backpack and if old enough, has memorized 1 or 2 key phone numbers, perhaps including an out-of-town relative


In an Emergency

  • Volunteering on Campus: If you are on campus, help the teacher get the children onto the blacktop
  • Procedure to Pick Up Your Child from School:
    • Come to school as soon as possible to retrieve your child
    • Park away from the exits
    • Go to the front office to sign out your child
  • Emergency Updates: If you are far away and desperately need an update, you can call the main line 831-335-4475 and if power and access are available, a general update will be recorded on the line


What Not to Do in an Emergency

  • Do NOT call the classroom numbers
  • Do NOT park in front of the office or red line zones which may block emergency vehicles
  • Do NOT attempt to retrieve your child without checking him or her out at the front office
  • Do NOT go onto the field or blacktop